Assignment Urgent

1) Read the Consumer Federation of America’s examine on anticompetitive new car-buying aver laws or resembling studies online. How greatly does it estimate consumers would reanswer if they could alienation cars straightway from creators online?  2)  Read the designation, “Why can't you buy a car straightway from a car aggregation?”, environing Tesla and their frequented-fromcreator car buying copy. What are the benefits of frequented creator auto sales?   3)  Another designation, “Why Can't I Buy Online Direct?”, answers this interrogation and presents twain sides of the dispute. Are the concerns of dealers normal? Why or why not? Are the concerns of consumers normal? Why or why not?  4)  What are the pros and cons of PCI certification for brick-and-mortar stores?  5)  Go online and inquiry for the account “third behalf escrow”. What normal discharge does this answer? Provide an sample of a normal third behalf escrow labor for Internet transactions. How has the third behalf escrow scheme been used to perpetrate deprivation on the Internet?  Due: 2 hours Format: APA Links: