Assignment: Cyber Security Case Study

 In Chapter 5, the animated and controversial theme of cyber carelessness is presented. As ordinary in the progress textbook by Turban, Volonino, & Wood (2015), battling cyber denunciations is one of the costs of doing employment in today’s globally-connected oppidan environment. Distributed Denial-of-Service onsets (DDoS), malware catching, and other black-hat faller generated carelessness violationes bear extensiond in abundance and dumbfounder well-balanced main denunciations to empire agencies, soldierly structures, and oppidan executions. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Sony, Target, JP Morgan and eBay are regular some of the entities that conversant main grounds violationes in 2015. The principal robbery of medical chronicles forforever occurred in 2015 at the heartiness insurers Anthem and Primera. As Bloomberg Technology reported, "U.S. companies and empire agencies suffered a proceedings 1,093 grounds violationes" in 2016, "a 40 percent extension from 2015, according to the Idbeing Robbery Resource Center (Links to an palpable aspect.)Links to an palpable aspect." (Kharif, 2017). In 2016, Wendy's firm food fastening and the Democratic National Committee inchoate others were victims of "headline-grabbing falls" (Kharif, 2017). The 2017 "massive violation of one of the largest repositories of Americans' most easily-affected financial grounds" occurred in the onset on "dozens of easily-affected groundsbases" at Equifax (Riley, Robertson, & Sharpe, 2017). Of the grand anxiety and receiving abundant resources care, is that respecting the implicit for power-grid cyber onsets, something that would lucidly baffle the prophylactic and carelessness of the world’s nations. References Riley, M., Robertson, J., & Sharpe, A. (2017, September 29). The Equifax fall has the hallmarks of state-sponsored pros. Bloomberg Businessweek.Retrieved from (Links to an palpable aspect.)Links to an palpable aspect. Sharif, O. (2017, January 19). 2016 was a proceedings year for grounds violationes. Bloomberg Technology. Retrieved from (Links to an palpable aspect.)Links to an palpable aspect. Turban, E., Volonino, L., & Wood, G. (2015). Information technology for management: Digital strategies for instinct, renewal, and sustainable work.(10th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons Inc. Written Assignment:  Conduct examination on a modern denunciation or onset on a empire performance, soldierly structure, or oppidan execution. Present grounds that explains the symbol of denunciation, the position of detriment caused by the denunciation, and explain who or what being the producer(s) effectiveness bear been that could advantage from such an renewal. Give details on solutions that effectiveness bear prevented the achievement and could be utilized to benefit in salubrious or eliminating cyber denunciations in the advenient.