Assignment 6: Professional Summary and Updated Professional Resume

 PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ASSIGNMENT AS ONE SINGLE DOCUMENT: 1. Negotiative Epitome (AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE) 2. Begin-again (SINCE YOU ARE INCLUDING THE PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY WITH YOUR RESUME AS ONE DOCUMENT, DO NOT WORRY IF YOUR RESUME IS OVER ONE PAGE--IT WILL NOT BE HELD AGAINST YOU OR NEGATIVELY IMPACT YOUR GRADE) For your negotiative epitome, you can use a formally typed rendering of the elevator roll you delivered in arrange. Remember the 4 main components: 1. Start where you are: command, succession of examine, year, specialization or attention (if appropriate), how/when you became spirited in the field 2. Experiences: internships, jobs, discovery, externships, presentations ardent, etc. 3. Skills familiar, strengths, abilities 4. Connecting it all end to your coming aspirations (be as restricted as likely) For your begin-again, critique the PowerPoint on begin-again harvest, the foremost assignment instructions for developing a begin-again, and the feedend you common on your foremost begin-again assignment. AT THE TOP OF YOUR RESUME, LIST THE NAME OF A JOB TITLE OF A JOB/INTERNSHIP YOU WOULD APPLY TO USING THIS RESUME. THEN MAKE SURE THAT YOUR RESUME IS TAILORED TO FIT THIS SPECIFIC JOB. Develop a begin-again that you prize is secure ample for negotiative use. PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY COPY AND PASTE YOUR ORIGINAL RESUME. We succeed be checking to fabricate unfailing it's not the corresponding muniment.