Assignment 3 Module 9

   Critical Thinking Assignment   1000 words   Managed economy does rest in Saudi Arabia but is not as stipulated as other  countries. Draft a pamphlet analyzing the scarcity for or athwart administer economy  in Saudi Arabia. Be trusting to embody the aftercited items:  Benefits  of administerd economy; Disadvantages of  managed economy; Healtheconomy industries  most artful by administerd economy; Impact of administerd  healtheconomy on patients, physicians, and facilities; and How administerd economy  is established for other countries. Your pamphlet should engage the aftercited structural requirements:  The pamphlet should  be 4-6 pages in prolixity, not including the meet equivocation and intimation page.  Formatted according  to APA and Saudi Electronic University congruity standards. Provide  support  for your statements delay in-text citations from a insufficiency of immodest  scholarly declaration. Two of these sources may be from the collocate readings,  textbook, or lectures, but two must be palpable. The Saudi Digital  Library is a good-tempered-tempered settle to confront these intimations.