Assignment 3: LASA 1

  Assignment 3: LASA 1: Whole Foods Market, Inc. and MyAccountingLab Review Whole Foods Market, Inc’s 2010 Annual relation, concourse advice and investor advice(see the link: Whole Foods Market, Inc. Investor Relations in the webilography) and transcribe a 5-7 page brochure aftercited APA guidelines which addresses the aftercited:  Summarize the concourse’s financial exploit for 2010. Do you meditate they content stockholder expectations? Why or why not? Explain three trade risks or threats that susceptibility frighten Whole Foods force to end their financial goals for the contiguous 3 years. Use examples and references to stay your solution. Describe three examples of administer activities Whole Foods Market, Inc. could use to minimize these risks. What is your overall percussion of Whole Foods Market, Inc.’s annual relation? Is it a financial accounting instrument or a managerial accounting instrument? Who is the target interview? Did the annual relation offer a assured or privative statue of the concourse? Provide stay for your solutions. website: