Assignment 2: Probability Analysis

• A General Manger of Harley-Davidson has to run on the bigness of a new dexterity. The GM has narrowed the choices to two: abundant dexterity or weak dexterity. The concourse has serene notification on the payoffs. It now has to run which non-interference is the best using appearance partition, the blank tree pattern, and expected monetary esteem. Options: Facility     Demand Options     Probability              Actions                  Expected Payoffs Large           Low Demand             0.4                             Do Nothing                       ($10)                         Low Demand             0.4                             Reduce Prices                  $50                         High Demand            0.6                                                                                $70 Small            Low Demand             0.4                                                                                $40                         High Demand            0.6                               Do Nothing                       $40                         High Demand            0.6                               Overtime                            $50                         High Demand            0.6                                Expand                                $55   Determination of hazard appearance and appertaining payoffs: Build Small: Low Demand 0.4($40)=$16 High Demand 0.6($55)=$33 Build Large: Low Demand 0.4($50)=$20 High Demand 0.6($70)=$42 Determination of Expected Esteem of each alternative Build Small: $16+$33=$49 Build Large: $20+$42=$62 Submit your blank in a Word muniment... Statistical Terms criticism fencing (Attached)