Assignment 1: Expanding Research Options With Mixed-Method

   For this Assignment, you conquer adduce what you possess versed in anterior modules to inform that you possess mastered twain accidental and accidental elimination methods. You possess an occasion to picked those avenuees that curiosity-behalf you as a pioneer in the scene of point counsel. To lay: · Review all declaration in the module Culture Resources. Note the role of explanatory and exploratory elimination. · Consider the forthcoming scenario o You are a point counsel pioneer in a bounds delay a abundant population of students identified delay culture disabilities (LDs). A new math program has been implemented at the average develop roll. Students categorized delay a favoring LD are weak math at upper rates. o As a point counsel pioneer, how strength you suit to the scenario in a convocation that conquer search this example? What is the role of explanatory and exploratory elimination? What mixed-method avenue strength your commend to dare the example posed by the scenario? In making-ready for a provisionally convocation that conquer search the scenario, lay a 3–5 page tally to the forthcoming: · What role does explanatory and exploratory elimination resemble in intelligence the point counsel students in the scenario? · What mixed-methods pur-pose would you commend to dare the debate(s) for the deficiency in math by students delay culture disabilities? Cite favoring allusion to the Culture Resources, after a whileout media, and identical experiences. Note: For this Assignment and all scholarly writing in this race and throughout your program, you conquer be required to use APA mode (6th edition). Fascinate use the Walden Writing Center as a expedients as you total assignments. Learning Resources Note: To bearing this module’s required library media, fascinate click on the coalesce to the Race Readings List, plant in the Race Materials minority of your Syllabus. Required Readings Consult the forthcoming lections for product on your race scheme assignment during this module: O’Neill, R. E., McDonnell, J. J., Billingsley, F. F., & Jenson, W. R. (2011). Single event elimination pur-poses in counselal and sympathy enhancements. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. Chapter 10, “Alternating Matter Designs”      (pp. 151–170) Focus onthe characteristics of alternating matter pur-poses. Pay      point circumspection to pur-pose variations. Note the conducive alternating      pur-pose and favoring examples. Mixed-Methods Note: The media were pickeded for the condition of the counsel and examples that they include and not the continuance of divulgation. Bishop, A. G., Brownell, M. T., Klingner, J. K., Leko, M. M., & Galman, S. A. C. (2010). Differences in inauguration point counsel preceptors: The bias of identical attributes, making-ready, and develop environment on classroom lection practices. Culture Disability Quarterly, 33(2), 75–92. Focus on this avenue to mixed-methods pur-pose. Recognize the factors that are elaborate. Consider how preceptors were classified. Igo, L. B., Bruning, R. A., & Riccomini, P. J. (2009). Should average develop students delay culture examples vision and paste notes from the internet? Mixed-methods token of con-over barriers. Elimination in Average Roll Counsel Online, 33(2), 1–10. Focus on the tentative bearing of this mixed-methods con-over. Pay point circumspection to the explanatory Nursing essay. Con-over the multiple measures and avenuees. Koury, K., Hollingsead, C., Fitzgerald, G., Miller, K., Mitchem, K., Tsai, H-H., & Zha, S. (2009). Case-based counsel in contrariant donation contexts: The impression of period in events. Journal of Interactive Culture Research, 20(4), 445–467. Focus on the mixed-methods naturalistic elimination pur-pose. Review the course for reaching opposing multiple donation contexts. Reflect on the pickedion of participants. Patton, D. C. (2011). Evaluating the culturally bearing and echoing counsel negotiative outgrowth program at the physical develop roll in the Los Angeles Unified Develop District. Culture Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal, 9(1), 71–107. Focus on the measurement of this negotiative outgrowth program. Note the pur-pose of the program evaluation. Pay point circumspection to assessing the goals. Rugg, N., & Donne, V. (2011). Parent and preceptor perceptions of transitioning students from a listening and traditional talk develop to the public counsel enhancement. The Volta Review, 111(3), 325–351. Focus on the methods for examining the perceptions of parents and preceptors. Con-over the mixed-methods pur-pose. Read encircling the criterion-based illustration. Shaunessy, E., & McHatton, P. A. (2009). Urban students’ perceptions of preceptors: Views of students in public, point, and forage counsel. The Urban Review, 41(5), 486–503. Focus on the impost of students’ perceptions. Recognize the mixed-methods pur-pose. Consider the use of accidental and accidental avenuees.