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   Evidence for Nursing  Assessment Item 3: Using indication to educate clinical decision-making   Weight: 50% of whole mark Word limit: 1500  Intent In this impost, you conduct that you can agree an indication-inveterate misentry to an ambiguous clinical aspect. It requires you to exploration for apt discovery, learn razes of indication, revolve the nature of indication, offer the epitome of each season, expone their findings, and grasp a misentry inveterate on your reviewed indication.  Task: You own been agreed after a suitableness three clinical scenarios. Each scenario indicates an area of clinical ambiguousty. Select a scenario that interests you and using your indicationd inveterate performance skills vindication the investigation that follows.  Scenario 1: In the way of your clinical placement in a surgical avert, you eminent vaporousness in cut trouble. Suitableness some nurses use a desert technique, others exercise a spotless surroundings fluctuate technique.  Is spotless cut surroundings a trustworthy non-interference for surroundings of surgical cuts? Scenario 2: You are agoing on a hospital avert where you confront clap unrepinings. You attend-to that some doctors arrange compression stockings for stoppage of mysterious venous thrombosis suitableness others not. Should antithrombotic stockings be routinely used for unrepinings after a suitableness clap or not?  Scenario 3: You are agoing as an RN in an strait office. A 10-year-old slip has been admitted to the office after a suitableness a idiosyncrasy of exacerbation of asthma inferior to bronchitis. The unrepining has been prescribed salbutamol.  What is the more conducive manner of delivery- a nebuliser or a spacer? Format Written tract after a suitableness well-structured paragraphs. Headings can be used if they acceleration texture your result. Introduction (500 opinion) Briefly narrate the mode you used to vindication the investigation. i.e. how you formulated a explorationable investigation and familiar a exploration diplomacy. Justify the advent you took in accessing the indication. Narrate the rationale after the adoption of each tract (hint: raze of the indication, nature of the indication, relationship). Both regulative and/or requisite seasons can be used, as alienate to the clinical scenario and investigation you own familiar. It is not indispensable to offer all the indication you plant (and you own scant tidings reckon to do this). The key being is nature not sum – so four or five discovery-inveterate seasons are improve than a ample enumerate of low-raze tracts. Agree the stereotype screens of the abstracts of the tracts you own separated.   Main matter of the tract (800 opinion) Briefly offer each tract and their ocean findings. What does the reexploration likeness?  Conclusion (200 opinion) This is where you distinctly particularize what you contemplate the vindication to your investigation is and why.