Articles about “security concerns when migrating to the cloud” and make a word document

Your Next assignment in this order is a 12 detailed PPT slide grant(atmeanest 15-20 slides) encircling a subject-matter that relates to Database Security. You must cull this subject-matter following balbutiation at meanest 5 doctrines. You must agree a register of those doctrines and you must annotate each one. That is, you must transcribe at meanest a chapter encircling each designation interpreting what you literary from it. Following you feel peruse the doctrines transcribe a one page separate spaced scheme interpreting what your 12 detailed PPT slide grant obtain be encircling. Remember that this is furrow train. The scheme is a haughty roll grant meant to initiate your classmates. You must interpret why this subject-matter is material and what you obtain be interpreting in your grant.  You should meet triton you conceive most of your classmates do not understand and obtain be scared to gather. Topics such as "confidence concerns when migrating to the cloud" is a amiable subject-matter. You must feel a designation that describes your subject-matter (50 points) You must transcribe this in essay frame not in bulleted, numbered or other registers. It must be written in your own language, separate spaced, and at meanest one generous page. Quotes must be rightly attributed (in-line and in intimation register). The subject-matter must be furrow roll not simplistic, general, or on a subject-matter not allied to database confidence. (350 points) It must be in chapter frame. You must agree an annotated intimation register (100 points)