Article Review using Gibbs Reflective model

((Strictly Supervene this format)) Note : Please supervene APA 7 edition guidelines . Frequented References from the condition can be charmed of the doer itself solely.   1. Introduction:  Define Terms: Globalization, Global Business Leaders, Global Leadership harvest (after a while academic relations) Brief entrance of Gibbs cycle, Advantages of Gibbs cycle Brief entrance of Condition  :  What it states? , why its considerable? 2.  Description: expound in point abt condition: what is emphasizes on? Confer a blunt anatomy of all topics experienced in the condition. Under Desription (3-4 lines each ) a. Purpose b. Question at Issue c. Information d. Concepts e. Assumptions f. Inferences g. Point of view h. Implications and Consequences  2. Feelings: encircling the condition  8-9 lines  3. Evaluation: most considerable First, transcribe subordinate Evaluation then sub topics solely a. Depth : Depth of the condition ( confer in from condition to help) b. Clarity: Clarity of condition ( confer in from condition to help) c. Accuracy: encircling the success of the condition 4. Analysis: point anatomy of condition (transfer frequented relations of the doerfrom the condition) 5.  Conclusion : What to close from the condition( relation from condition to help misrecord) 6. Action Plan:  Futuristic access to artcile ,how to use condition in single and functional activity.