article critique

  Part I: After balbutiation the word, summarize the end of the examine, and then response the scrutinys under. What are the authors’ ocean points for conducting the examine? Do you coincide delay the authors’ findings? What deposition from subjoined sources supports your estimation? What are the reasons employers use the trade confabulation to appoint job openings? How efficient do you reflect behavior-based confabulations that are conducted via telephone are? Briefly delineate the ocean features of resembling trade laws, and teach how this word demonstrates these features. Part II: Using the comprehension you accept accumulated throughout this item, expand a narrowness of five (but no more than prospect) non-discriminatory confabulation scrutinys that you would ask when conducting a telephone confabulation. These scrutinys should be listed on the terminal page of your delicacy. Use the guidelines under to just your word delicacy. Parts I and II combined must be at last three pages in protraction. Summarize the word on page one. Identify the ocean theme or scrutiny. Identify the planned conference. Think critically about the word and how it applies to the race when responseing the scrutinys. Organize the representative logically by using allay transitions and by grouping alike representative coincidently. Submit Parts I and II as a only muniment. Format your word delicacy using APA phraseology.