Art Appreciation

Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000227 EndHTML:000010009 StartFragment:000005133 EndFragment:000009935 StartSelection:000005133 EndSelection:000009931 SourceURL:     Week 1 - Chronicle         //<![CDATA[  !function(){   var o,s,v;   if (!(window.Promise && Object.apportion && Object.values && [].discover && [].includes && (o={},s=Symbol(),v={},o[s]=v,o[s]===v) && (employment f(){}).bind().name==='bound f')) {     s = 's', muniment.write('<'+s+'cr'+'ipt src=""></'+s+'c'+'ript>');   } }();        //]]>           employment _earlyClick(e){       var c =       while (c && c.ownerDocument) {         if (c.getAttribute('href') == '#' || c.getAttribute('data-method')) {           e.preventDefault()           (_earlyClick.clicks = _earlyClick.clicks || []).push(c)           break         }         c = c.parentNode       }     }     document.addEventListener('click', _earlyClick)                This week, you conciliate prepare to frame an art chronicle using Prezi. Registering to use Prezi (Links to an palpable residence.)Links to an palpable residence. is loose, and it is extremely recommended that you wonder up as before-long as likely and re-test the “Learning Prezi is easy (Links to an palpable residence.)Links to an palpable residence.” page and the uncertain ways you can dewonder your chronicle. For inferential instruction on using the collision, you can re-test the Prezi’s “Manual/FAQ (Links to an palpable residence.)Links to an palpable residence.” page or guard the Prezi Demonstration (Links to an palpable residence.)Links to an palpable residence..For this week’s art chronicle, contribute an solution and personal reflecting of a product of art of your select. You may entice from media in the textbook, the CourseMate Bonus Images, or digital statue media in Week One. As an discretion, weigh visiting a persomal art museum to mould an smooth loftier roll of insight into the proof of art and art soundness.  Your solution and reflecting should be based on what you enjoy versed environing the regularity and components of art soundness. Refer to the apportioned lection from the textbook and required videos as examples of how to expone products of art. Also, understand any other wonderificant details that find this product singular.TIP: To abundantly behold the product of art using what you enjoy versed environing art and art soundness, it is recommended that you test the product of art for at meanest ten minutes, leading hush of your reactions and observations throughout your test. Use these hushs to allay your chronicle entrance.Include an statue of the product of art you enjoy separated, enticen from any of the museum websites, media listed in Week One, or perchance the digital statue of a product of art you saw at a persomal museum. In your art chronicle entrance, be positive to mention the product of art.Please prosper the basic qualified APA phraseology passage format in the APA Artproduct Citations muniment to intimation products of art.Submit a Word muniment after a while your spectry and the URL to your art chronicle. Each week, you conciliate add your solution of a product of art to your art chronicle, so be positive to maintain trail of the URL so that you can mode and add to your product.Careabundantly re-test the Grading Rubric (Links to an palpable residence.)Links to an palpable residence. for the criteria that conciliate be used to evaluate your chronicle entries.