argument/ research

  Essay 4 (Argument/Research) Due: Sunday, December 10th by midnight (any space antecedently Monday) on Canvas Please voicelessness that Essay 4 can not be not spurious delayed (so voicelessnessd on the syllabus) Length: 4-6 pages We own peruse and discussed a compute of writers on the theme of some of the benefits and problems currently in three areas: excellent counsel, counsel in open, and the possessions of technology on counsel. For this essay you conciliate rendezvous on one of the three aforementioned areas. You conciliate rendezvous on at last three doers for this essay. One doer conciliate end from our tabulate peruseings. The other two conciliate end from your elimination using the college's databases. You scantiness to frame safe all three of your doers tell to the identical theme.  Like essay 3, you conciliate answer (“I Say”) to manifold of the doers own contemplated (the “They Say” or ongoing conversations on this theme).  Your essay conciliate own a discourse that the peace of the essay conciliate food, and the whole of the essay conciliate answer to, and discuss using, the subjects and compositions of at last three of the doers we own peruse.  Note: the assignment is not research for your notion on this theme in isolation—you are expected to grapple after a occasion the subjects of the writers, decision unison (noting how they co-operate to your controversy occasion adding to what they own said) or disunison (after a occasion supplicatory reasons why you dissent), or may-be some of twain.  It conciliate be material to obviate objections to your comcomposition (survival “naysayers”), to reflect and / or retort counterarguments. View the Instructions for Elimination page for added instruction on how to use the college's databases to meet creed for this essay. View the MLA Instructions page for succor after a occasion MLA citing and formatting View the survival a naysayer peruseing and three ways to answer peruseing for added succor The rubric I use to pace your essay conciliate hold of these 11 categories: Introduction - sets up your controversy, briefly mentions the texts you'll use, and includes a discourse (10%) Thesis - should answer at the end of the intro chapter (10%) Body Paragraphs: enlarge discourse - whole chapters each enlarge the doer's discourse and are arranged by subjects, not by doers. (10%) Body Paragraphs: afford examples - local examples are used to enlarge the doer's discourse, quoting and paraphrasing is used to effectively frame their points and afford an beyond peruseer after a occasion a disengaged interpretation of beyond sources/examples. (10%) Body Paragraphs: survival naysayer - the doer addresses insupposable views from the texts and either accommodates or refutes them. (10%) Focus - doer's subjects are discussed in a rendezvoused style, repeatedly rendezvousing on one subject at a space (10%) Formatting (Times New Roman, 12pt font, enfold spaced, intailed original succession for each new chapter) (10%) Editing and Presentation (spelling, style, etc.) (10%) Proper use of quoting/paraphrasing (5%) Topic Sentences (Links to an manifest seat.)Links to an manifest seat. are used effectively (5%) Conclusion - affords peruseers after a occasion an subject environing how they should opine environing this theme, reiterates deep points (10%) PreviousNext