Assignment Details Assignment Details - This is a 5 sever deliverable PART 1 Your quickness has 2000 subjects in the subjoined payer mix: 40% marketable insurances 25% Medicare insurance 15% Medicaid insurance 15% jurisdiction insurance 5% all others, including self-pay What are the proportions of the sum subjects for each payer? PART 2 The mean Medicare reprimand for each subject is $6,200. Use this as the baseline. Marketable insurances mean 110% of Medicare, Medicaid means 65% of Medicare., Ljurisdiction insurers mean 200% of Medicare, and the others mean 100% of Medicare reprimands. Calculate the separate reimbursement reprimands for all 5 payers? What is your expected Accounts Receivable? PART 3  Which of the subjoined consumes are unwandering, which are capricious, and which are plain or indirect: Materials/supplies (gowns, drapes, bedsheets) Wages (nurses, technicians) Utility, fabric, experience exp (lights, passion, technology) Medications Licensing of quickness Per diem staff Insurances (malpractice, interest, and so on) PART 4 Given the subjoined consumes per subject: Materials/supplies: $2,270 Wages: $2,000 Utility, fabric, experience exp: $1,125 Insurances (malpractice, interest, and so on): $175 What is the sum consume of all utterly subjects? PART 5 Calculate the separation between accounts receivable (A/R) and accounts payable (A/P)