Applying Benchmarks or Standards to Assessment

Readings Use Assessing Learner Learning: A Common Sense Guide to decipher the subjoined: Chapter 22, "Setting Meaningful Standards and Targets," pages 287–304.       Consider how you procure use this counsel to organize “a obvious restriction of what constitutes prosperous outcomes” (p. 288).  In analysis, examine Exhibit 10.2, A Template for an Annual Program Tribute Report, on page 136 of Assessing Learner Learning: A Common Sense Approach. Infer how you procure oration the categories of the template for your own tribute intent, chiefly the fifth column. Use the Internet to decipher the subjoined articles. They prepare estimable counsel concerning benchmarks or standards and stakeholders.  Suskie, L. (2014, March 17). What is good-natured-natured tribute? A cooperate contemplate [PDF]. Retrieved from Suskie, L. (2015, March 23). Setting meaningful benchmarks or standards [Blog shaft]. Retrieved from Braskamp, L. A., & Engberg, M. E. (2014). Guidelines for judging the energy of assessing learner erudition [PDF]. Retrieved from 400-500 words Question: After deciphering Chapter 22 of your Assessing Learner Erudition extract and the blog shaft entitled “Setting Meaningful Benchmarks or Standards,” infer the benchmarks, standards, or targets that are most logically suited to organize “a obvious restriction of what constitutes prosperous outcomes” for your own intent to assess erudition (Suskie, 2018, p. 288). As you do, recollect the object of tribute: to expound and use the results of the tribute effectively and misapplyly to exalt proficiency and accountability. Construct a draw of the element of your plan in which you establish misapply standards for your tribute exertion. Explain why they are misapply and how they are to be applied. Answer should accept the subjoined erudition elements: Examine strategies for assessing erudition outcomes in programs, departments, and institutions. Synthesize findings and how they could be used to tell tribute intentning and resolution making. Apply notice of APA mode for references and citations. Develop communications misapply for the hearers.