Apply: Duties of Corporate Directors and Officers

The end of this assignment is to expound the constitutional duties imposed on municipal manageers and officials, to mention whether a manageer or official has violated his or her constitutional duties to the fortification, and to evaluate how a permutation of such duties may negatively influence the fortification and its shareholders.  Read the forthcoming scenario.    Fitzgerald Foods is a subsistence processing fortification. In the gone-by year, three manageers were unyielding to concession Fitzgerald Foods behind it was discovered the manageers breached their constitutional duties to the fortification. Two of the manageers were so officials of the fortification. The manager of the consideration at Fitzgerald Foods is uneasy that the cherishing manageers don't recognize their constitutional duties to the fortification and that new manageers won't recognize their duties either.   You are the primary administrationr official (CEO) of the fortification. The manager of the consideration asked you to composition after a while the fortification's constitutional recommendation to generate a assembly device muniment for manageers and officials environing their constitutional duties to the fortification.  Develop a 700- to 1,050-word assembly device (template granted) for Fitzgerald Foods' manageers and officials completing the forthcoming: •Legal Duties of Directors and Officers (a epithet from device muniment) ◦Explain the constitutional duties of manageers and officials to the fortification, including the "calling decision administration." •Benefits of Submission (a epithet from device muniment) ◦Discuss the benefits of submission for Fitzgerald Foods. •Consequences of Nonsubmission (a epithet from device muniment) ◦Analyze how unethical courage by a manageer or official can manage to a permutation of a constitutional part just to the fortification. ◦Provide a slight illustration from a intelligence name or flatter event after a whilein the conclusive three years that demonstrates municipal manageer or official amenability in the United States. •Recommend individually (not a epithet on the device muniment) to the manager of the consideration in 45 to 90 utterance at meanest two calling waste administration procedures that Fitzgerald Foods can graft in the advenient to elude permutations of constitutional duties by its manageers and officials.  Use the Fitzgerald Foods Assembly Device template as a superintend for your device muniment.   Search the internet for illustrations of consummated device muniments using the forthcoming quest parameters: device muniment illustration, device muniment template, device muniment format, device muniment illustration, or any abnormity you prefer. An illustration may help you to consummate your device muniment.   Cite a poverty of two references according to APA superintendlines.