Application of Role Theory to a Case Study

Identify the presenting quantity for the instance con-over for Helen (see kindness).(Remember the presenting quantity has to be framed from the perspective of role assumption. For illustration, the presenting quantity can be framed among the compose of role functioning). Identify all the apt roles antecedent by the client. Analyze the political expectations and political and cultural norms revolving encircling the role, political pose, and role scripts of one of the roles antecedent by the client. Explain the role and political pose of the political worker in established delay the client in the instance con-over. Describe how the role(s) and political pose(s) antecedent by the political worker conciliate swing the relation between the political worker and the client. Identify three impost questions that are guided by role assumption that you conciliate ask the client to ameliorate learn the quantity. Identify and represent two interferences that are aligned delay the presenting quantity and role assumption. Identify one conclusion that you would mete if you were to evaluate one of the interferences you would tool to mention if the interference is talented. Evaluate one practice and one secretiveness in using role assumption in learning the instance.