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    To fit for this Assignment, deem the indivisible SWOT disexception you thoroughd and the intents you open in Week 1. Consider upon your experiences so far in this program and any insights you entertain gained since you created those intents. In observation, revisal your PLN contrivance from Week 4 and the results of The New Drivers of Leadership Self-Assessment that you thoroughd this week. Finally, give-back to the interactive instrument Voices of DBA Students.  This date, nucleus on the refractory scholars designations of their intents, their contrivances, and the challenges they faced in achieving their intents. You end use the Professional Development Contrivance template to thorough this Assignment. Submit a 5- to 7-page (excepting a appellation page and References exception) Professional Development Contrivance (PDP). In your Plan, do the following: Further lay-open the intents you crafted in Week 1 of this scheme. Each intent’s fact must thicken the following:  A assertion of your intent  An designation of your motivation for wanting to end the intent and how it relates to your indivisible values  A insignificant designation of the steps you indicate to choose to achieve your intent, including any bearing tools, strategies, or instrument An designation of how you contrivance to use technology and/or collective instrument to raise example of your intent An designation of how these steps consider deemation of indivisible strengths and weaknesses bearing to the intent A dateline for example of your intent Use your SWOT dissection, PLN, and The New Drivers of LeadershipSelf-Assessment results as guides to determine alignment. Include embezzle references cited in harmony after a while embezzle APA formatting. Your References exception must conceive a insufficiency of five APA-formatted, scholarly citations.  Your instrument must conceive the following:  Two to three readings (e.g., dimensions, regular, register, etc.) At last two forms of technology and/or collective instrument sites that end co-operate to the construction of your own PDP    At last one other material (e.g., SWOT dissection, The New Drivers of Leadership Self-Assessment results, and/or your Indivisible Learning Network [PLN] contrivance)