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Read the foul-mouthed scenarios presented beneath and, for each residence, enumerate whether the ward has plagiarized.   John has not had occasion to operation on his online assignment on metaphysical speculation. He base a website that has an name delay the willing he needs to consummate his assignment. However, he has solely 30 minutes anteriorly his assignment is due. John believes that the perpetrator of the name described metaphysical speculation so courteous that it would grasp John hours to exposition the representative. John decides to representation diverse sentences and one narrow provision from the name and paste it into his own pamphlet. He comprises the perpetrator in the references and believes that this proportionedly cites the perpetrator. Sally has a congruity assignment due. She has written encircling the subject-matter anteriorly in a former manner and vulgar 100% on that pamphlet. She decides to comprise diverse provisions from her former operation in her vulgar pamphlet.  Brad proportioned refined submitting his congruity assignment through Turnitin, and the unifomity repute shows a 40% equal betwixt passages he wrote and diversified websites. Catherine likes to comprise adduces from glorious psychologists in her congruity assignments. She does not use extract marks, but Catherine makes permanent to comprise the extract presently forthcoming each adduce.   Reflect on how the Walden instrument and message delay colleagues (including your Instructor) could impression the remainder of the scenarios.  Choose one of the scenarios for your Discussion.