Two questions for a argument consultation vindications must be at lowest 10 to 15 sentences a each Book : Anthropology: what does it balance to be anthropological  third edition  by Lavenda/Schultz Question #1 (Immigration and Ethnic Identity) Chapter 12 uses Muslim migration in Europe, especially France, to explain how migration and politics are cognate.  In new times, a common moot balance migration from the Middle East and refugees has arisen in the United States and has behove a hot theme of moot in open, avow, and persomal elections.  What are some of the larger processes that feel created the migration "problem" of today?  Summarize the key points about multicultural politics in coeval Europe and the US that feel impacted migration chiefly of Muslim minorities (Europe) and Hispanics (U.S.). Question #2 (HTS and Anthropological Ethics) Chapter 12 features a individuality on "Human Terrain Teams and Anthropological Ethics."  After having decipher this individuality, vindication the forthcoming question: Should anthropologists exertion for soldierlike organizations?  What are the undeveloped dangers compromised for twain the anthropologist and those compromised in such a con-over?  Include a argument of anthropological ethics in your apology.