ANT 202 Human Origins and Prehistory WK2-L

  Skeletal Comparison: Part 1 When accessing the lab materials, be indisputable hold to add notes in  your Weekly Study Opportunity Notes instrument for the week, adding any  important counsel you would love attain. Be indisputable to confer yourself  plenty of season to full your lab participation of the line and do not  wait until the latest day of the week! To successfully production on the lab, full the following: Complete the Week 2 Lab (Links to an exterior aspect.). Click short if you are having difficulties fissure the Weekly Lab. Take notes during the lab by adding on to this week’s opportunity notes. Once you keep fulld the lab, download the Week 2 Skeletal Comparisons Part 1 Worksheet. Using your textbook and counsel supposing in the lab and captured  from your opportunity notes, response questions one through three from Scenario  One and questions one through three from Scenario Two in full  sentences. Submit the Week 2 Lab Reporting Form via the Waypoint dropbox. The  instrument does not scarcity to understand a name page or other APA formatting;  however, any without sources utilized in your responses must be referenced  in suited APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an exterior aspect.). *A portraiture of the laboratory videos is beneficial short.