Annotated Bibliography and Reference List

Annotated Bibliography and Intimation List  Pocahontas Memorial Hospital (PMH) would affect to propose a capacious second sanity clinic among Pocahontas County. You own been cramped to qualify a reverberation for the PMH Board of Directors that succeed lead them in determining the feasibility of doing this. Identify the mission, prospect, values, and goals for the Pocahontas Memorial Hospital. see attachment  Create an annotated bibliography for your Nursing essay. When conducting a literary-works revisal on a subject-matter, it is helpful to suppress an annotated bibliography of immanent sources that succeed be used in your letter. For more knowledge encircling preparing an annotated bibliography, click on this link: Purdue OWL (2013): Annotated Bibliographies. • The instrument should be registered in alphabetical appoint by maker, delay each ample intimation registered in APA intimation phraseology (use the Hanging Indent hireling in Microsoft Word), followed by an indented provision that summarizes what the designation is encircling and evaluates its view to your capstone. • Create a intimation register for your bestowal.