Analyzing Financial Statements of United States Based Corporations

Scenario Select a United States naturalized generally-known (shares are listed on a important hoard diversify) troop for this plan. Troop selected is Apple. You allure want to fix the troop's proceeds assertion and weigh fencing for the late two years.   The plan is to be completed individually - this is not a collection plan. APPLE inc. NASDAQ: AAPL  Requirements 1. For each year content mention/calculate the following: Net proceeds Net proceeds antecedently taxes Income tax rate Earnings per share Gross acquisition margin Net acquisition margin Operating proceeds Non-operating proceeds Total property Current property Total liabilities Current liabilities Current ratio Debt to whole property ratio Book appraise (owners’ equity) 2. Prepare a proportionately financial assertion anatomy (lifeless anatomy) for each of the 15 categories/financial measures.  3. Prepare a spreadfencing that pretences all of the postulates, calculations, and analyses.  4. For each of the categories/financial measures that pretence a estrangement among the two years, mention what factors could possess caused the estrangements.  5. Prepare a multimedia endowment, using a utensil of your choosing, to introduce your explication for the estrangements in each of the local categories/financial measures. Content grasp visuals/graphs when delivering your anatomy of the postulates!  Your visual endowment should be in the dispose of 10 to 15 minutes.