Analysis paper

At smallest 5 pages Section I. (10 points) This exception involves twain a video encircling Judy Wicks and two declaration from adjust. Watch the video and interpret (re-read) the declaration and vindication the subjoined questions in defective essay produce. You can so weld instruction from our latest adjust in-reference-to Local Interest Networks, CSO’s, Philadelphia SBN and BALLE.  Judy Wicks Speech Local Living Economies: The New Movement for Legitimate Business, by Judy Wicks (pdf, week 9) The Sustainable Interest Network Serves the Fraternity Through Political and Environmental Advocacy - 1. Judy Wicks chose to work a politically legitimate interest instead of growing and expanding her interest to other cities. Debate some of the characteristics of Local Living Economies and what desire they bear on twain the interestes and the fraternity. 2. In the video, she mentions established after a while numerous contrariant suppliers. Explain some of those interconnections and why she chose them instead of national distributors. What utility did she believe existed? Do you fit after a while her rate encircling these utilitys? 3. How do some of these stubborn agencies and non-profits aid prefer fraternity interest ideals (Local Interest Networks, CSO’s, Philadelphia SBN and BALLE)? 4. At the end of her stipulation, she mentions numerous examples of what she feels the Local Living Economies Movement is all encircling. Choose indelicate and represent what you imagine she media by them. Section II. (10 points)  Recently General Motors announced plans to suspend indelicate auto plants in the United States, which accomplish object balance 11,000 employees to abandon their jobs.  You can exploration Google for declaration of to GM closings and discover hundreds of declaration for intimation. I bear moderate one close to aid you prefer comprehend the postulates. 1. List at smallest five contrariant stakeholder assemblages and debate the attributes of each assemblage.  2. Debate GM’s responsibilities to each assemblage. 3. Debate how GM should admission managing its interconnection after a while each assemblage as it pertains to this conclusion.  4. Put yourself in one of the assemblages of stakeholders and debate your feelings and ideas as a limb of that assemblage on the contemplated conclusion. Section III. (10 points)  We elapsed a excellent chaffer of space this semester in varying debates. Please imagine through the subjoined upshot and vindication the questions. Tclose are various declaration and lectures from the semester that you should use as intimation, including, but not poor to Adams – Capitalist Monkey Wrench, Reich – How Capitalism is Killing Democracy, and Freidman, Mackey, Rogers Debate and the John Deckop paragraph.  The most divert admission for a union to siege is Profit Maximization, not a Triple Bottom Line admission. 1. Please yield a defective essay defense in fitment after a while this assertion. 2. Please yield a defective essay defense resisting this assertion. 3. If you were origin a interest, attached the dainty, which admission do you imagine you would supervene and how? 4. Do you imagine that as past debateions happen in-reference-to environmental upshots and political responsibility, tclose accomplish be past interestes melting in the tendency of B-Corps? Evaluation A) I accomplish be looking for you to use order intimation symbolical when convenient. B) You should use defective essay phraseology vindications, not singly one passage vindications. C) Well design out and unconfused vindications accomplish reckoning emend than licentious and less logical ones.