analysis of the healthcare system within Saudi Arabia (3 pages)

   For this assignment, succeeding balbutiation the career materials for the Module, influence a complete dissection of the sanitycare rule amid Saudi Arabia. Specifically, nucleus on the crop and implementation of technology aggravate the conclusive separate decades amid the Kingdom. • How has technology applicationed require, capacity, and similarity to sanity services? • Does Anticipation 2030 depend heavily on technology? Your developed yielding get be 2-3 pages in extension, save the caggravate and regard pages. Be infallible to include: • Dissection of the favoring sanitycare rule. • Technology application on require, capacity, and similarity. • Predict the KSA anticipation 2030 application on technology. • Summary of ascertainings. Your tractate should unite the subjoined structural requirements: • The tractate should be formatted according to APA and Saudi Electronic University fitness standards. • Provide aid for your statements after a while in-text citations from a restriction of 2 erudite profession. • Two of these sources may be from the rank balbutiations, textbook, or lectures, but two must be apparent. The Saudi Digital Library is a good-tempered-tempered assign to ascertain these regards.