American state and local politics?

My specify is Mississippi 10-14 slides Using the specify in which you speed (or another specify of your cherished), engender a PowerPoint grant explaining the specify pintimation and engagement process, face politics, and legislative form and proceeding. Using the CSU Online Library as a embodied, you procure too want to conceive counsel on gerrymandering and its application (or failure thereof) in your specify.  You keep two options for presenting your embodied, which keep been explained below:  Option 1: Engender a constructive PowerPoint of 10–14 slides, not including the appellation and intimation slides.  Option 2: Engender a video 8–10 minutes in tediousness of you presenting your PowerPoint grant. The number of slides is up to you as hanker as the tediousness of the video and the willing of the PowerPoint coalesce the requirements. Your video should obviously demonstration you and your grant, and the video can be submitted by attaching it or by providing a coalesce to the video.  Both options must conceive the forthcoming counsel:  a appellation slide including your indicate and the specify you selected;  a gregarious face structure;  the types of primaries utilized in your separated specify;  specify face forms;  specify council structure;  engagement methods of a specify candidate/incumbent;   the makeup of your specify council (e.g., gender, age, trade);  apportioning and districting counsel;  the legislative institutionalization of your specify;  the face issues in your specify; and  three to four pictures, maps, or graphs.  Your slides or grant should conceive explanations of the aforementioned points. Please do not representation and paste lists of senators and representatives into your slides. You may conceive subjoined counsel that you feel is pertinent, but do not engender over than 14 slides. Use your creativity, and shape the embodied in a argumentative and understandable fashion.