Questions/prompts Free market advocates have quickly fallen in love with the market sharing companies (e.g., AirBnB, Uber), seeing them as the marketplace in action, while progressives tend to deride the “sharing” economy as an attack on labor unions that will choke off local government from the critical tax revenue it garners from traditional hotels.   1. Defend your position: Are you for or against market sharing companies/economies (free market or progressive) Why or why not?  2. Is market sharing companies and economies good or bad for tourism and travelers? Why or why not?  Please defend your position and opinion with facts and figures. Provide references as necessary.  PLEASE own Brief Introduction § Introduce the topic to the reader and summarize your reflection of this topic/article.    Body § Address the following prompts as prescribed in the assignment. Include 3-4 examples for each prompt   o Conclusion § Conclude the reflection paper by summarizing your comments and main points to the reader.  o References § Include any references that were used in your reflection paper including the main authors. Use APA style.