AGNG 200 Aging Media Review: Description and Grading Rubric

 The scope of this assignment is to evaluate your power to critically consider an aging akin consequence portrayed in the floating instrument and to pretext your power to adduce the concepts thoughtful in adjust to your segregation. For this assignment, you are asked to clarifieded a instrument interest from any of the subjoined springs - information or life season (sculpture or web), podcast, a video or an audio portion. The question clarifieded in the instrument interest must be floating and straightly akin to aging. You can clarifieded from any of the subjoined age akin consequences: corporeal or immaterial bloom, slightness, bloom thrift prudence and programs, husbanding, concavity, superintendence, housing, godliness and slightness, failure and death, intergenerational consequences, and ethics. Carefully consider the interest you possess clarifieded and build a written segregation of the consequence at operative using the subjoined points as a guideline:  Clearly articulate the ocean purpose/consequence presented in the peculiar spring. Remember that the reader of your assignment is not intimate after a while the biased instrument interest you possess clarifieded. Therefore, you should procure a comsituation and a contrast for your brochure by including a condensed denomination of the most projecting points of the peculiar interest – 15%.  Describe how the purpose/consequence relates to the theories or concepts thoughtful in the adjust. Be very biased in contemplation these connections and procure a rationale/example to stay your situation. – 20%.  Describe the signification of the ocean purpose/consequence for the lives of older adults and procure a rationale for your situation. Specifically, what is the overbearing contact of the consequence on older adults? Equally deep, what undeveloped or developed drawbacks can you realize not-absolute to this purpose/issue? (Remember, complete situation has its merits and limitations; try to realize what these are for your clarifieded purpose). Interpret in point and after a while examples (Hint: since most of the points of this assignment pertain to this exception, nucleus on placing most of your brochure’s pith less) – 35%.  Realize one area akin to the ocean consequence that was not addressed by the instrument interest but that you would affect to test raise. What biasedally would you affect to imbibe late encircling and why? Procure a pungent-muscular rationale using the concepts thoughtful in adjust (i.e., interpret why it is deep to apprehend late encircling this consequence) – 10%  Follow the apt criteria in the General Grading Rubric for Writing. Be believing to transcribe this assignment in your own articulation, rather than “regurgitate” the peculiar instrument interest. For the scopes of grading, a courteous written assignment pretexts the transcriber’s firm grip of the full through profoundness of segregation, rather than unblended paraphrasing. Limit your assignment extension to 3-5 pages. Follow APA spectry for congeniality and formatting your assignment, citations, and references. If you are not intimate after a while APA, use the instrument procured on Blackboard to succor you. Prior to uploading your refine, afford it a spectry using the subjoined format: AGNG200_LastName_FirstName_FileName – 20%.  Submit your assignment using SafeAssign on Blackboard no succeeding than 12 midnight on Week 5. Assignments submitted late the due epoch allure be topic to the 5% fare forcible in the Prudence on Late Assignments exception of this syllabus.