The largest portion of the U.S. population, the “baby boomers,” are tender into intermediate adulthood and, in some cases, smooth fit grandparents. The advertising and marketing industries con-over this age cohort, and it has been increasing in appearance in primetime television, sculpture ads, and in digital advertising, pop-ups, and internet series. Find at last 4 images or video clips of advertising or other current resources that demonstrate this apex.  Use a caption for each share of resources to teach the advertisements heed the particular substantial and cognitive changes in harvest referred to in our readings and resources this week.  Your captions should conjoin for a aggregate of no fewer than 500 expression. Use at last 2 resources (other than the images or clips) to assistance the claims you are making.  Cite these using APA formatting.  Your references deficiency to tell to concepts scholarly environing intermediate adulthood and must be scholarly/academic in truth.  Use of .com websites is not expend.  Please use references other than those middle in our Lessons to prolong your learning and apprehension.