Advanced Network Design [Human factors in network analysis and design]

 Assignment Description  In command to intent a network, the original step is to accumulate network requirements. The network requirements are collected from users and duty requirements. The users conceive one of the main aspects of a auspicious network intent. Your scheme is to intent a network for a sports close.  Part I:  Develop a inquirynaire to gather requirements from users, sports close address, and staff. What kinds of inquirys would you ask to ameliorate apprehend their environment and each class of users?  Hint [Questions must as-well be aimed at identifying what impressions, the users hint to use.]  Categories impressions verified by users and bequeath an toll artfulness of the impressions for network exploit.  Part II  Design a network as shown beneath in Figure 1, and perconceive a exploit trial for each set of impressions as shown in aftercited Consideration 1 to validate them. For the network intent in Figure 1, Impression Sets 1, 2, 3 and 4 in consideration 1, are located in LAN A, B, C and D respectively. Figure 1: Network Intent for Exploit Analysis.  Marking criteria: Section to be comprised in the report  1. Questionnaire is disposed : Are inquirys disposed for: 1. Users 2. Address 3. Other Staff.  2.Purpose of each inquiry: Are the inquiry sufficient to accumulate requirements to intent a network i.e., an explication of each inquiry that shows what knowledge is hinted to be gained?  3. Validation and genuineness artfulness: Is there a artfulness to substantiate the collected requirements from multiform stakeholders?  4. Network intent along after a while impressions and their protocols is explained: A network intent is laid out and all impression sets are defined after a while impressions.  5. Demonstration: To reveal the network intent using a vaunter of your cherished and all impression sets and to give observations to consummate the impression exploit factors.  6. Formatting and Allusion mode: Follow IEEE allusion mode, and conceiveatting