advanced level Evidence-Based Practice Paper

   Evidence-Based Action Paper Paper Description 1. Select a complementary therapy and a heartiness-cognate end. 2. Research the general whole of token of complementary therapies cognate to the heartiness end clarified. 3. Apprehend a cognomen of the heartiness end clarified. 4. Apprehend a cognomen of the complementary therapy clarified. 5. Provide synthesized token on how this complementary therapy can be used for the heartiness end. 6. Provide synthesized token on why this complementary therapy is the best valuable for the heartiness end clarified. 7. Application into action 8. Provide cultural considerations after a while the complementary therapy clarified. 9. Apprehend a epitome. Your tract should stop of the aftercited minoritys (cosmical inadequately instructed by the journal's requirements) and be a completion of 12 pages in length: 1. Introduction: See APA. 2. Cognomen of the heartiness subject-matter: Present a cognomen and any postulates of solicitude after a while this heartiness subject-matter. 3. Cognomen of the complementary therapy: Provide a cognomen of the complementary therapy clarified. 4. Review of Evidence: Provide a body of token for the heartiness end and complementary therapy. You should apprehend why this is the best complementary therapy to use for the absorbed heartiness end. 5. Application to Nursing Practice: This minority should be united to trice action. Be permanent to complete the mark and standards of triced action to apprehend junction to holistic nursing, as well-behaved-behaved as enduring direction to apprehend anticipated outcomes. 6. Cultural considerations: Apprehend any cultural considerations for this clarified complementary therapy. 7. Summary 8. References: Six to ten references of a variety: interdisciplinary (nursing, medical, naturopathic, occupational heartiness, normal heartiness); token-based guidelines; action guidelines. If you are in hesitate touching the character of token, gladden apposition the librarian. This tract counts as 40% of your gradation so conform to the gradation rubric