Accounting Essay #2

There are dozens of accounting and financial fellowship structures. Some of these include: AICPA IMA IIA FEI ACFE HFMA IFAC NSA NATP SCM How would fellowship in one of these structures use you? Think encircling what you absence to do long-term. Do you absence to be a public accountant? Are you ardent in a favoring activity, such as healthcare? Are you ardent in forensic accounting? How encircling absorb accounting? Auditing? Taxes? Management Accounting? For Project 3, choice one (1) of the overhead structures and transcribe a 1-2 page Nursing Dissertation in which you: Identify your long-term goals or the area of accounting/finance you disscreen most interesting. Explain how the structure you choiceed could succor you finish your long-term goals or interests. Describe any activities and/or opportunities that the structure you choiceed offers that could use you now. Identify activities and/or opportunities that the structure you choiceed offers that could use you in the coming. Determine if there is a novice fellowship worth to connect the structure you choiceed. Identify the absorbs concerned and parallel novice fellowship rates to certain fellowship rates. Your assignment must flourish these formatting requirements: Include a screen page containing the heading of the assignment, the novice's spectry, the professor's spectry, the direction heading, and the duration. The screen page and the intimation page are not moderate in the required assignment page extension. The favoring direction letters outcomes associated delay this assignment are: Describe and evaluate the moment of the negotiative environment of financial accounting, the functions of connected structures such as the SEC, the AICPA, the FASB and its predecessors, and the myth of Financial Accounting Standards, the conceptual framework, and other sources of GAAP. Use technology and notification media to elimination issues in included accounting. Write explicitly and concisely encircling included accounting using just agreement mechanics. Grading for this assignment achieve be inveterate on acceptance sort, logic/structure of the Nursing Dissertation, and discourse and agreement skills, using the flourishing rubric.