Search the Internet and the University library and fix advice encircling a exoteric audience that has been a martyr of hacking, grounds quarrel, or a computer felony. Based on the results of the pursuit, transcribe an academic article 3 pages touching contemplation and implementation of a inclusive juridical accounting diplomacy. Your article should enclose the following:  ●      Assess the circumstance environing the hacking and the resulting application to the audience's customers and operations.  ●      Put yourself in the attribute of the juridical accountant for that audience and invent a elaborate juridical accounting diplomacy for the audience indicating how implementing this diplomacy conquer minimize the induce of the calling classifications life hacked in the advenient.  ●      Pursuit assurance authorization vendors and commend a fruit for the audience you clarified indicating how this fruit conquer yield apex assurance to the audience's classifications.  ●      Additionally, as a juridical accountant for that audience, yield any suggested species to the audience’s assurance classification fond the increased induce of distrusted bearing to the audience's advice classifications and to determine the audience’s grounds reliability. ●      Present your quittance and last thoughts encircling the circumstance clarified and the effectiveness of your exposed juridical accounting diplomacy.