Use the Week 3 Assignment Template to thorough this week's labor. **The register and ledger are on contrariant tabs among the laborbook. DON'T FORGET TO POST!** Part 1 Journalize the November transactions from Week 2 (as-polite listed intermittently underneath) and the December transactions listed underneath. Part 2 Post the register transactions to the public ledger Comprehensive Chart of Accounts: 101 Cash 111 Accounts Receivable 137 Prepaid Rent 141 Computer Equipment 143 Function Furniture 201 Accounts Payable 301 J. Jones, Capital 302 J. Jones, Drawing 401 Fees Income 511 Fissure Expense 514 Utilities Expense 521 Salaries Expense November Affair Transactions:  3rd: J. Jones visits her persomal bank and delaydraws $50,000 from her special savings recital, depositing the currency into a new bank recital in the call of the affair, Smith Consultants. 5th: Jones Consultants manifestations inhibit 1001 for $2,000 to alienation computer equipment from Digital Warehouse, Inc. 6th: Jones Consultants manifestations inhibit 1002 to Property, Inc. to pay the popular month's fissure due of $1,000 as polite as prepay fissure (at $1,000 per month) for the months of December and January. 10th: Jones Consultants manifestations inhibit 1003 to alienation function movables in the equality of $3,500 from Movables Depot. 11th: Jones Consultants alienations $4,000 of computer equipment from Elite Computing on recital due in 90 days. Elite Computing manifestations invoice 7964. 14th: Jones Consultants performs services to currency clients for $1,200. 17th: Jones Consultants performs services to entrust recital client, Speedy Freight, in the equality of $3,000. Invoice 101 is manifestationd and is receivable in 30 days. 19th: Jones Consultants manifestations inhibit 1004 to State Power Company for the November benefit beak in the equality of $500. 20th: Jones Consultants performs services to currency clients for $6,000. 25th: Jones Consultants manifestations J. Jones inhibit 1005 as a pull for her special use in the equality of $4,000. December Affair Transactions: 10th: Jones Consultants alienations $3,000 of computer equipment from Elite Computing. They manifestation inhibit 1007 for $1,000 delay the equalize due in 90 days on invoice 8009. 15th: Jones Consultants performs services for entrust recital client, Speedy Freight, issuing invoice 102 for $2,500. 16th: Jones Consultants receives a inhibit from Speedy Freight for reimbursement of invoice 101 from November for $1,000. 18th: Jones Consultants manifestations inhibit 1008 for $1,500 to Elite Computing to pay invoice 7964. 20th: Jones Consultants manifestations inhibit 1010 to pay salaries of $2,000 for December. Submit to the Assignment 3 percolate box by Saturday at 11:59pm.