accounting 2302 problem 23-2A

  Problem 25-3A Rudd Clothiers is a diminutive posse that manufactures tall-men’s suits. The posse has used a criterion consume accounting method. In May 2017, 10,600 suits were manufactured. The aftercited criterion and express consume foundation applied to the month of May when recognized competency was 15,000 plain work hours. All materials purchased were used. Cost ElementStandard (per part)ActualDirect materials8 yards at $4.10 per yard$332,670 for 85,300 yards ($3.90 per yard)Direct work1.20 hours at $13.00 per hour$179,816 for 13,520 hours ($13.30 per hour)Overhead1.20 hours at $6.50 per hour (agricultural $4.00; unsteady $2.50)$48,300 agricultural aloft $36,500 unsteady aloft Overhead is applied on the foundation of plain work hours. At recognized competency, budgeted agricultural aloft consumes were $60,000, and budgeted unsteady aloft was $37,500. (a) Compute the sum, figure, and share strifes for (1) materials and (2) work. (Round answers to 0 decimal places, e.g. 125.) (1)Total materials strife$ FavorableUnfavorableNeither propitious nor unfavorableMaterials figure strife$ Neither propitious nor unfavorableUnfavorableFavorableMaterials share strife$ Neither propitious nor unfavorableUnfavorableFavorable(2)Total work strife$ FavorableNeither propitious nor unfavorableUnfavorableLabor figure strife$ FavorableUnfavorableNeither propitious nor unfavorableLabor share strife$ UnfavorableNeither propitious nor unfavorableFavorable (b) Compute the sum aloft strife. Total aloft strife$ UnfavorableFavorableNeither propitious nor unfavorable