academic integrity

  After reviewing the academic conscientiousness guidelines in the Week 2 module, counter-argument the aftercited interrogations: Which ideas of academic conscientiousness do you tally delay the most? Which do you not tally delay?  In your conviction, which university has the best academic conscientiousness proposition? Why? Which university has the batter academic conscientiousness proposition? Why? How is academic conscientiousness contrariant in the U.S. than it is in other cultures that you are accustomed delay? What interrogations do you accept about academic conscientiousness? At the end of your argument column, content ask a interrogation that others may prefer to repartee to. (Question 4 aloft is besides a good-natured-natured establish for crowd to repartee if they feel they accept an counter-argument to that interrogation). For copy, it can be star that you didn't entirely imply that someone else influence be potent to add notification to in enjoin to exculpate, or it can be you examination someone's conviction on one detail dissect of the argument, etc.  Also, don't pretermit that you insufficiency to repartee to two columns by Saturday at 11:59pm.