Required Assignment 1—Strategic Alliances and Ethnical Riches Management Background LGE is one of the ascititious global companies in the activity. It is right of five divisions: air conditioning, duty solutions, settlement appliances, settlement invigoration, and movable despatch. LGE has 114 subsidiaries cosmos-peoplewide and employs environing 82,000 tribe. LGE is a South Korean concourse and as such has some sole characteristics acquired from the South Korean refinement and economic construction. Directions In this assignment, you achieve decipher divers peer-reviewed profession. First, decipher three peer-reviewed profession akin to the South Korean husbanding, chaebols, and refinement. Then, quest for at meanest one peer-reviewed word akin to the strategic alliances. Next, decipher at meanest one word on ethnical riches strategies for Multinational Corporations (MNCs). In enumeration, decipher a few profession akin to the persomal and global operations of LGE. Then, accord to the following: Explain the construction and meaning of chaebols. Identify the unconditional and indirect characteristics of chaebols for twain persomal and global husbanding. Also, serene-up the role they indicate in the South Korean husbanding. Identify the characteristics of LGE’s ethnical richess management. Identify how this HR management is helpful the concourse to bargain delay the multiformity. LGE has periodical a sum of strategic alliances delay partners from all aggravate the cosmos-people. Select one of these alliances and irritate and evaluate its upshot. Write a six page monograph in Word format. Utilize at meanest five to six erudite sources in your exploration. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.  Make safe you transcribe in a serene, condensed, and unconfused manner; reveal incorporeal culture in deferential representation and attribution of sources; and disindicate deferential spelling, rhetoric, and punctuation