Incorporate the concepts of recreation speculation delay interdiplomatic occupation and tariffs. Set up two payoff matrices. Set up the original payoff matrix such that the consequence conciliate be disadvantageous to twain countries. Set up the cooperate payoff matrix such that the consequence conciliate be salubrious to the United States. Evaluate the two matrices using prevalent actions by each province to see which matrix is most mitigated reform. Discuss delay your classmates whether or not the ensuing occupation war conciliate amount fortunate consequences. Bottom of Form ANSWER THE ABOVE QUESTION QND THEN REPLY TO MY CLASSMATE’S RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU AGREE? (A MINIMUM OF 150 WORDS)                                                      CLASSMATE’S POST Game Speculation involves strategy.  It is a speculation where judgment makers from one party's actions conciliate like another party's consequence.  There should be at meanest two reasoning parties confused.  Game speculation is used to foretell consequences delay interdiplomatic occupation.  Some countries use tariffs, which make remarkable prices for the chattels nature leading.  Tariffs acception the prices of chattels.  This protects the domiciliary manufacturers of countries owing they are past conciliateing to amount the chattels domiciliaryally. Tariffs labor best delay countries who accept a lot of imports. Following are two examples of a payoff matrix.  The original is a payoff matrix in-reference-to whether to contention or celebrate concord betwixt two countries.  The cooperate is a payoff matrix on whether to add tariffs or accept easy occupation betwixt two countries.  The original payoff matrix would be disadvantageous to twain countries.  The Nash makeweight is for twain countries to contention.  If the United States culls to contention or accept concord, China would cull to contention.  If China culls to contention or accept concord, the United States would cull to contention, according to the Nash makeweight. In the cooperate payoff matrix, the Nash makeweight is for twain countries to add tariffs.  This judgment would not make the primary occupation payoff, but it would accept the best consequence according to the Nash makeweight.  If twain countries were to cull no tariffs, twain countries would win and it would be salubrious to twain. Trade wars befall when one province, such as the United States, decides to instrument a tariff on another province, such as China or places other restrictions on interdiplomatic occupation. In this post, twain countries conciliate surrender owing when twain add a tariff, the payoff matrix goes from 100 to 75 for twain. Occupation wars can like the dispensation by increasing prices of chattels for consumers.  Although occupation wars may acception domiciliary manufacturers, they can besides be very detrimental to the dispensation and make conjecture.