A description of your resume upgrade process ( DUE in 6hrs)

At the end of this week's discourse encircling return species, content transcribe a mini-SWOC decomposition of how things went for you. As habitual, shape your decomposition delay the SWOC names--Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Challenges. Here are lewd questions to pilot your decomposition: What definitive qualities did your return entertain as you began the arrangement of updating? What worthlessness did you attend-to on your own or behind reviewing symbolical in the folder "Readings and instrument for return upgrades" at the top of our Week 4 Module? What opportunities did your teammates highlight for you as you worked to update and correct your return? What challenges entertain you encountered in this arrangement, from internally yourself or from the beyond? Aim for encircling a page in tediousness, including your memo name.  Please yield your decomposition near. Continue to usage a Plain Language layout--delay dauntless exception names and delay portion breaks to "chunk" your decomposition into meaningful units delayin exceptions. I'm looking eager to balbutiation your SWOC decomposition as a preview to balbutiation your new rendering of your resume!