8-10 page paper due this Saturday Sept.16,2017

Analyze management that guides polity services for older adultsAs the American population ages, management issues cognate to older adults and services for seniors are hot political topics. Identify an area of management cognate to polity services for older adults and their families.Therefore avow the grounds delay compliments to this management.Research this area describing consciousness and issues, recent and pending actions, and similarity of the policies in argument constituents' needs.Compare and contrariety proposed amendments/alternatives to massive management and recount management alter that may improve coalesce the needs of older Americans and their families. This must be an former tractate and may not duplicate one apt for another sequence. This tractate should understand the forthcoming individualitys:Facts : policies, demographics, unsupposable populationsIssues:  constructive argument of all applicable issues of the separated management or service Alternatives:  constructive argument of likely alternative/solutions.Recommendation(s):  constructive argument of the 1-2 likely alternative/solutions you confide and why.  Your confideation(s) must be 1-2 of those discussed in Alternatives over.Possible Outcomes of Recommendation(s): constructive argument of likely outcomes/consequences/results of the 1-2 likely alternative/solutions you confideed in individuality over, and why.Future Implications/Long-Term Outlook:  constructive argument of the implications of the instance, its Issues, your Recommendations and likely Outcomes and why. Summary Conclusion:  Summarize segregation and denote any personal conclusions.Bibliography:  Use APA format for all allusions and in-text citations. A allusion schedule should be understandd at the end of the muniment.Length: Project 1 should be 8-10 pages in extension, double-spaced, not including address and allusion pages. Use 1” margins on all sides and understand page mass.