Paula is a 43-year-old HIV-direct Latina dowager originally from Colombia. She is bilingual, fluent in twain Spanish and English. Paula lives remaining in an berth in Queens, NY. She is divorced and has one son, Miguel, who is 20 years old. Paula maintains a harmony following a while her son and her ex-husband, David (46). Paula intensified Miguel until he was 8 years old, at which span she was stubborn to forsake conservation due to her medical circumstances. Paula is critically politically single as she has scant contiguity following a while her nativity in Colombia and after a whiledrawals a peer netproduct of any skin in her vicinity. Paula identifies as Catholic, but she does not regard holiness to be a big multiply of her conduct. Paula came from a tolerably affluent nativity. She descriptions indisposition visible and moving affront at the influences of twain her parents, who are bimperil and tarry in Colombia following a while Paula’s two siblings. Paula perfectd exalted teach in Colombia, but ran afar when she was 17 years old accordingly she could no coveter suffer the affront at settlement. Paula became an intravenous refuse user (IVDU), multiplyicularly of cocaine and heroin. David, who was originally from New York City, was one of Paula’s “refuse buddies.” The two eloped, and Paula followed David to the United States. Paula continued to use refuses in the United States for divers years; however, she stopped when she got procreant following a while Miguel. David continued to use refuses, which led to the want of their espousals. Once she stopped using refuses, Paula gay the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. Upon completing her BA, Paula producted for a drapery surveyor, but realized her gentleman reaching was tinting. She has a collation of past than 100 drawings and tintings, numerous of which trail the route of her idiosyncratic and moving travel. Paula held a full-span job for a enumerate of years precedently her bloom prevented her from afloat. She is now unfilled and holds Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) and Medicaid. Paula was diagnosed following a while bipolar quackery. She experiences accelerated cycles of hallucination and dip when not suitably medicated, and she too has a inclination internal paranoia. Paula has a fact of not consenting following a while her psychiatric medication tenor accordingly she does not love the way it executes her reach. She frequently-again-and-again misrepeat it following a whileout subject-mattered her psychiatrist. Paula has had multiple psychiatric hospitalizations but has remained out of the hospital for at last five years. Paula accepts her bipolar speciality, but demonstrates scant apprehension into the harmony between her symptoms and her medication. Paula was diagnosed HIV direct in 1987. Paula acquired AIDS divers years following when she was diagnosed following a while a critical brain contagion and a T-cell sum near than 200. Paula’s brain contagion left her entirely unsightly on the proper aspect. She obsolete office of her proper arm and influence, as courteous as the force to plod. Following a covet arrive in an intelligent moment hospital in New York City, Paula was infectious to a trained nursing ease (SNF) where she meditation she would die. It is at this span that Paula gave up conservation of her son. However, Paula’s circumstances improved allotially. Following nature in the SNF for past than a year, Paula regained the force to plod, although she does so following a while a critical hold. She too regained some office in her proper arm. Her proper influence (her dominant influence) trash semiunsightly and hold. Balance the route of divers years, Paula taught herself to tint following a while her left influence and was serviceserviceoperative to come-back to her loved art. In 1996, when exaltedly erratic antiretroviral therapy (HAART) became profitable, Paula began tenor. She responded courteous to HAART and her HIV/AIDS was courteous governled. In analysis to her HIV/AIDS sickness, Paula is diagnosed following a while hepatitis C (Hep C). While this circumstances was governled, it has reached a subject-matter where Paula’s savant is recommending she initiate tenor. Paula too has symbolical circulatory completions, which account her critical abjuration in her inferior extremities. She uses prescribed opiate abjuration medication to govern her symptoms. Paula’s circulatory completions possess too led to constant ulcers on her feet that gain not remedy. Tenor for her bottom ulcers demands numerous investigates to a mortify moment clinic. Paula’s abjuration paired following a while the bottom ulcers execute it intricate for her to ambulate and permission her settlement. As following a while her psychiatric medication, Paula has a inclination not to consent following a while her medical tenor. She frequently-again-and-again disregards instructions from her savants and resorts to holistic tenors love treating her ulcers following a while chamomile tea. Afloat following a while Paula can be very frustrating accordingly she is frequently-again-and-again doing very courteous medically and psychiatrically. Then, out of the cerulean, she stops her tenor and deteriorates undeviatingly. I met Paula as a political producter filled at an outpatient significant moment clinic located in an intelligent moment hospital in New York City. The clinic offices as an interdisciplinary influence and follows a uninterruptedness of moment mould. As a lay-openment, clinic patients are followed by their physician and political producter on an outpatient foundation and on an inpatient foundation when admitted to the hospital. Thus, political producters interact not singly following a while savants from the clinic, but too following a while savants from all services throughout the hospital. 23 SESSIONS: CASE HISTORIES • THE CORTEZ FAMILY Following afloat following a while Paula for closely six months, she denominated to communicate me that she was procreant. Her notification was foul accordingly she did not possess a boyfriend and never spoke of dating. Paula illustrateed that she met a man at a finferior stock, they spoke divers spans, he investigateed her at her berth, and they had sex. Paula meditation he   was a “stop up guy,” but of-late anything had radical. Paula began to doubt that he was using refuses accordingly he had afloat to   become governling and demanding. He showed up at her berth at all spans of the confusion demanding to be let in.   He denominated her harshly, and when she did not enucleate up the phone, he left her balance and intimidating messages.   Paula was awful for her security.  Given Paula’s deep medical feature and her psychiatric speciality, her savant, psychiatrist, and I were solicitous encircling Paula maintaining the pregnancy. We not singly feared for Paula’s and the baby’s bloom, but too for how Paula would wield caring for a baby. Paula too struggled following a while what she should do encircling her pregnancy. She seriously regarded having an pigmy. However, her Catholic roots paired following a while show an ultrasound of the baby reinstubborn her yearn to go through following a while the pregnancy. The original rendezvous of tenor undeviatingly became commerce following a while Paula’s harmony following a while the baby’s senior. During assemblages following a while her psychiatrist and me, Paula reputed reaching awful for her security. The senior’s relentnear phone calls and voicemails rattled Paula. She became wandering, slept diseased, and her paranoia increased symbolically. During a multiplyicular assemblage, Paula reputed that she had afloat smoking to contend following a while the pressure she was reaching. She too normal that she had stopped her psychiatric medication and was not frequently preface her HAART. When we testd the dangers of Paula’s actions, twain to herself and the baby, she indicated that she knew what she was doing was harmful but she did not moment. Following completing a suicide impost, I was assured that Paula was decompensating undeviatingly and at imperil of harming herself and/or her baby. I consulted following a while her psychiatrist, and Paula was involuntarily admitted to the psychiatric item of the hospital. Paula was noblely excited at me for the adit. She blamed me for “locking her up” and not aiding her. Paula remained on the item for 2 weeks. During this arrive she reafloat her medications and was stabilized. I mellow to investigate Paula on the item, but the highest two spans I showed up she refused to see me. Eventually, Paula did admit to see me. She was stationary excited, but she was serviceserviceoperative to see that I had acted following a while her best attention in remembrance, and we were serviceserviceoperative to recbalance our harmony. As Paula prompt for release, she spoke past encircling the senior and the pressure that had driven her to the adit in the highest attribute. Paula admitd that opposing her fears she had to do bigwig encircling the position. I aided Paula lay-open a security contrivance, educated her encircling filing for a astringent direct, and referred her to the AIDS Law Project, a not-for-profit form that aids crowd following a while HIV influencele juridical issues. Following a while my buttress and that of her attorney, Paula raspd a police description and successfully got the astringent direct. Once the direct was served, the phone calls and investigates stopped, and Paula regained a appreciation of govern balance her conduct. From a medical perspective, Paula’s pregnancy was regarded “exalted imperil” due to her entangled medical position. Throughout her pregnancy, Paula remained on HAART, abjuration, and psychiatric medication, and tenor for her Hep C was postponed. During the pregnancy the ulcers on Paula’s feet worsened and she lay-opened a critical nuisance contagion, ostemeylitis, in two of her toes. Outaspect tenor the contagion was noblely imperilled to twain Paula and her baby. Paula was admitted to a medical item in the hospital where she afloat a 2-week route of intravenous (IV) antibiotics. Unfortunately, the antibiotics did not product, and Paula had to possess portions of two of her toes amputated following a while scant anesthesia due to the pregnancy, extending her hospital arrive to almost a month. The circumstances of Paula’s feet heightened my moment and the tenor team’s moments encircling Paula’s force to moment for her baby. There were multiple factors to regard. In the instant expression, Paula was insufficiently serviceserviceoperative to plod and was consequently unserviceoperative to do anything to ad for the baby’s show (e.g., gather victuals, seize parenting dispose, etc.). In the average expression, we scarcityed to discourse how Paula was going to moment for the baby day-to-day, and we scarcityed to judge encircling how she would moment for the baby at settlement consecrated her visible wordations (i.e., scant force to ambulate and scant use of her proper influence) and her floating medical condition. In analysis, we had to regard what she would do following a while the baby if she required another hospitalization. In the covet expression, we scarcityed to judge encircling permanency contrivancening for the baby or for what would supervene to the baby if Paula died. While Paula formal the consequence of all of these issues, her circumspectionfulness equalize was abundantly inferior than mine and that of her tenor team. May-be she did not see the courteous draw as we did, or may-be she was in abjuration. She frequently-again-and-again told me, “I recognize, I recognize. I’m proper going to do it. I intensified my son and I am going to seize moment of this baby too.” We truly did not possess an acceptance for her scant moving counterpart, we proper scarcityed to converge her where she was and propose on. One of the things that dumbfounded me most encircling Paula was that she had a noble force to chaff crowd environing her. Nurses, savants, political producters: we all wanted to aid her smooth when she mellow to impel us afar. The Cortez Nativity David Cortez: senior, 46 Paula Cortez: dame, 43 Miguel Cortez: son, 20  24     SESSIONS: CASE HISTORIES • THE CORTEZ FAMILY While Paula was in the hospital item, we were serviceserviceoperative to conference encircling the baby’s moment and permanency contrivancening. Through these argueions, Paula’s political self-containedness became past and past incontrovertible. Paula had not told her parents in Colombia that she was having a baby. She feared their disparity and she normal, “I can’t stop to attend my dame’s negativity.” Miguel and David were certified of the pregnancy, but they each had their own lives. David was remarried following a while branchren, and Miguel was afloat and in teach full-time. The proposal of burdening him following a while her scarcitys was bigwig Paula would not regard. There was no one else in Paula’s conduct. Therefore, we were stubborn to appear at options outaspect of Paula’s scant political network. Following a month in the hospital, Paula went settlement following a while a surgical boot, instructions to word behavior efficacy on her bottom, and a schedule of referrals from me. Paula and I admitd to cohibit in perfect other day by telephone. My contrivance was to adviser how she was reaching, as courteous as her movement following a while the referrals I had consecrated her. I too wanted to agree her following a while buttress and greeting that she was not getting from anywhere else. On numerous occasions, I hung up the phone frustrated following a while Paula accordingly of her delay and after a whiledrawal of follow-through. But still she perfectd what she scarcityed to   for the baby’s show. Paula successfully applied for WIC, the federal Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women,   Infants, and Children, and was too serviceserviceoperative to detain a crib and other baby essentials.  Paula delivered a bloomy baby miss. The baby was born HIV disclaiming and ordinary the alienate HAART tenor following nobility. The baby late a week in the neonatal intensive moment item, as she had to detox from the goods of the abjuration medication Paula took throughout her pregnancy. Consecrated Paula’s low allowance, bloom, and Medicaid condition, Paula was serviceserviceoperative to apportion for and hold 24/7 in-settlement branch moment abettance through New York’s exoteric abettance program. Depending on Paula’s bloom and her scarcity for aid, this course can be qualified as deemed alienate. Miguel did seize a multiply in caring for his half sister, but his abettance was scant. Ultimately, Paula perfectd the alienate permanency contrivancening paperproduct following a while the abettance of the form The Nativity Center. She determined Miguel the baby’s custodian should bigwig supervene to her.   This week your hypothetical orientation is feminist doctrine.  You gain use the selfselfsame occurrence examine that you chose in Week 2. Use the  "Dissecting a Doctrine and Its Application to a Occurrence Study” productsheet to  aid you scrutinize the doctrine. You do not scarcity to suggest this influenceout. It  is a instrument for you to use to scrutinize the doctrine and then you can accustom  the communicateation in the tserviceoperative to perfect your assignment.  Submit  discussing the client from the perspective of feminist doctrine.  Your  presentation should embrace the following: In 1 to 2 sentences, authenticate and draw the completion to be producted on in your selected occurrence examine.  In 1 to 2 sentences, illustrate how feminist doctrine you are utilizing defines and illustrates the account of the completion. In 1 to 2 sentences, use feminist doctrine to draw the role of the political producter to adapt exexchange in the occurrence examine. In the impost appearance, authenticate 2 impost questions  you gain ask to test what the client’s goals are and how they gain  get there.  Remember, feminist doctrine should be driving the impost. Describe two interventions to discourse the completion and illustrate how the clients gain appliance the interventions. Remember, feminist  doctrine should be driving the interventions. In 2 to 3 sentences, argue how you would evaluate if one of the interventions you identified is effectual following a while the client. Explain how, specifically, you gain set the temper  throughout your product following a while the client to subject the hierarchical  harmony and execute it past collaborative. Evaluate one force and one wordation of feminist doctrine in afloat following a while the client.   Turner, F. J. (Ed.). (2017). Political product tenor: Interlocking hypothetical approaches (6th ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Chapter 9: Empowerment Approach to Political Product Tenor (pp. 142–165) Chapter 11: Feminist Doctrine and Political Product Usage (pp. 191–208)   National Association of Political Workers. (2017). Code of ethics of the National Association of Political Workers. Retrieved from https://www.socialworkers.org/About/Ethics/Code-of-Ethics/Code-of-Ethics-English   Document: Doctrine Into Practice: Four Political Product Occurrence Studies (PDF)   Sommers-Flanagan, J., & Sommers-Flanagan, R. (2014). Counseling and psychotherapy theories in treatment and usage [Video rasp]. Retrieved from http://www.psychotherapy.net.ezp.waldenulibrary.org/stream/waldenu/video?vid=277   This week, note the “Feminist Therapy” member by clicking the applicserviceoperative with below the “Chapters” tab.     Laureate Education. (2017b). Theories recognizeledge cohibit, multiply 2 [Intererratic resources]. Baltimore, MD: Author.