7 questions

Question 1: List three stereotypes that you withwithstop environing other persons or bunchs, and depict in point how you formed them and how they have been reinforced?  How can we as men-folks performance to lessen the stereotypes we withwithstop environing other persons or bunchs? Please cheap your answers on rank esthetic and our quotation. Question 2  Based on your quotation, clear-up how private rape is intergenerational and what processes are complicated in this. Question 3  Utilizing your quotation for regard and particular principles of Collective Psychology, clear-up why you chose to adequate the terminal demonstration rather than inoculate your instructor that you did not insufficiency to admit the demonstration. Q4) Based on readings from Collective Psychology: If we succeeded in changing attitudes toward a particular action in a bunch of subjects, would this attitudinal vary so consequence actional vary? Please clear-up why or why not in point, and what (if anything) we can do to acception the chances of actional vary.  Q5) A principle of collective psychology is how we can use our instruction to discourse collective issues and concerns. After all, what is the amiable of instruction if we do not devote it to the universe encircling us?  Wild has been in the instrument of-late, past particularally rates of wild and it's etiology. Please clear-up, using our quotation and from a collective psychology rendezvous, potential origin causes of wild. Q6) Describe what an observational exploration consider is, and what its strengths and  weaknesses are. Q7) Describe the kindred betwixt collective condition, self-esteem, and self-presentation and how these interact.  Be permanent to depict how we achieve/manipulate these concepts among ourselves and how they assume one another and our action.