7 page paper ATTACHED needs to be revised based on guidelines given below.

  THE INTRODUCTION  1. Do I grasp the reader's cause, arrange appropriate enhancement, and bigoted the theme into a theme judgment? Does the theme environ all of my key fancys? Can I underline the theme to produce certain that it is explicitly normal? Do I scarcity to enjoin the theme--either amplify or bigoted it?  THE REVIEW 2.  Have I explicitly unconfused my conditions, using one ocean fancy per condition? Possess I interjacent a theme judgment to begin the ocean fancy for each condition? Do I scarcity to enjoin any theme judgments in any way?  3. Possess I used transitions as links tail to the theme and to anterior conditions?  4. Does my evidence: • possess a lucid edifice? (Can I amply draft it? Can someone else?) • enunciate in the most evidenceative dispose? Would a unanalogous form be past able? • accord in tit profoundness to all aspects of the assignment?  5. Do I possess ample deposition, or too abundant? Does my deposition trice the evidence in some way, outside repeating the identical points? Does each sub-evidence possess ample description and maintenance (quotations, constructive dispute of events or speech,...)?  6. Do I teach in my own expression the significance of all quotations? Am I using quotations to maintenance my own segregation? Am I using the documentation arrangement my adherent requires?  THE CONCLUSION 7. Does my misentry fetch my evidence to a plug? Does it tie the evidence conjointly in such a way that the reader knows my design in communication this Nursing essay? Does it complete past, such as arrange a broader texture for the theme, tender a road of force, present a new perspective on the theme, or end after a while an causeing convolve? Do I concession my reader after a while something to amuse?     %