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masters plane forum  Medical Permission Case Scenario Julie Rice fruits for a computer union where she has been populated for disgusting years as a guide ruler. During the gone-by two years Julie's woman has needed many medical consideration for her diabetes. Being an solely child, Julie has helped her woman as frequently as her fruit catalogue would grant. Unfortunately during the gone-by two years, her woman's predicament has worsened. Julie asked the fast for and was supposing an unpaid permission to solicitude for her woman in bond after a while FMLA and union device. The bond endical that Julie could misunderstand fruit entire Friday for 60 weeks rather than presentation age off 12 nearest weeks. At the end of the 60 weeks Julie returned to fruit ample age and directly began misunderstanding fruit to solicitude for her woman until all of her allotted holiday and corrupt permission were mindless. She then asked that her Friday permission be liberal indefinitely accordingly her woman's predicament remained solemn and she required ongoing coadjutorship. The HR ruler was questionable what the vindication should be. The fast needed Julie to be at fruit frequently accordingly of the increasingly oppressive fruitload, the deed that her job duties were crucial and accordingly other rulers and employees preferred not to own to cover for her. On the other operative Julie was an distinguished ruler and had fruited for disgusting years at this union. In restoration entireone was restless about Julie and her woman's good-fortune and wanted to food them. The device manual reads as follows: Employees who own fruited for at smallest one year and fruited 1,250 hours during the 12 months end precedent the origin of the permission year are prime to use up to 12 weeks of unpaid job protected permission for one or further of the subjoined reasons: Birth of a son or daughter of employee and to solicitude for such son/daughter; arrival of a son/daughter after a while employee for gathering or fan solicitude; solicitude for associate, son, daughter, or fabricator of employee if said special has a solemn heartiness predicament; or a solemn heartiness predicament that makes the employee unqualified to discharge discharge of the collocation of such employee. 1.    Imagine you are an HR consultant to the construction compromised in this predicament. The construction wants to be echoing and clear. What do you approve?  lesson attached 500 term minimum 3 citations