# 6 Disline 1 due 11/11/2019 - $15.00 Codependency and Body Abuse For this discourse, address the following: · Discuss, time enriching confidentiality, a condition illustration of codependency, dual speciality, addiction, or body abuse you own encountered during your clinical province habit. (If you own not had habit delay such a condition, hypothesize environing how you capacity wield one.) · Utilizing notification from the line readings or other declaration you own located in the negotiative scholarship, depict the appropinquation you used for launched delay these presenting consequences. How did you state that this would be the most potent appropinquation to use? Give an illustration of at lowest one peculiar interference you used, and depict the contact this interference had on the client. · Debate the indivisible reactions or feelings you had when launched delay this client. Debate methods you used to address any countertransference (such as disline delay your footing supervisor). Readings · Read Crane, Schlauch and Easton's 2015 condition, "Dual Speciality Among Veterans in the United States," from Advances in Dual Diagnosis, body 8, consequence 1, pages 4–17. · Read Koehn and Cutliffe's 2012 condition, "Inspiration of Hope in Body Abuse Counseling," from the Journal of Humanistic Counseling, body 51, consequence 1, pages 78–98. · Read Lietz and Hodges's 2013 condition, "Incorporating Spirituality Into Body Abuse Counseling: Examining the Perspectives of Service Recipients and Providers," from Journal of Social Science Research, body 39, consequence 4, pages 498–510. Weekly Assemblage Supervision Meeting: Disline Preparation For this week's assemblage supervision, be dexterous to debate the concept of codependency. Do you price it to be a beneficial concept or one that blames the dupe? Does your definition differ according to the plight of the condition? · Explore the Web footing of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.