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  Forward, G. E., Beach, D. E., Gray, D. A., & Quick, J. C. (1991). Mentofacturing: A anticipation for American industrial rarity. Academy of Management Executive, 5(3), 32-44. doi:10.5465/AME.1991.4274462 Read the proviso collectively and tally the subjoined questions: 1. How can Chaparral Steel's commitment to twain its inner and superficial customers be used by The Fox Island Electrical Company? (5 Points) 2. As mentioned in the contingency examine, exploration and fruit at Chaparral are integrated into fruit plan and fruit. Do you imagine this exercitation can be used by the aggregation implementing the Fox Islands Winds Project? Please elucidate  delay a easily exposed tally and prepare partition, insights and recommendations.   (5 Points) 3. Can the Fox Islands Electrical Aggregation (FIEC) be a low-cost and exalted property manufacturer at the selfselfsame space? Please elucidate delay a easily exposed tally and prepare partition, insights and recommendations.   (5 Points) Provide bland food for your postings and divertly summon your sources Refer to the syllabus for grading knowledge. Discussions are graded for agreement skills (clarity, name, and grammatical constituency), achievement, property and probity. - Divert "Wrapper" (5 Points)      - Title Page      - Page Numbers (Page X of Y)      - Introduction      - Conclusion/Summary      - In-Line Citations      - Reference Page that complies delay APA Standards Submit ONE observation of your assignment to the professor through the divert merge.