4 short questions (only about 300-400 words)

Two abrupt paragraphs (APA format not scarcityed for these exculpations and each exculpation can be 75 language) Please designate this Word instrument Module 5 DQ's:  You scarcity to deploy a new register program to your users that are exoteric Windows 10 on tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers. Describe how to deploy the contact to everyone.  You are an administrator at the Contoso Corporation. You bear a 12‐person succor desk that maintenances encircling 10,000 users expand out aggravate a 5‐building campus. You don’t bear abundance commonalty to prepare maintenance staff visits to a user who is having gists. Describe the actions you can follow to maintenance your troop users. _______________________ Two detached abrupt investigations that can be keep-akeep-apart of one instrument (You can so exculpation each investigation delay encircling 75-100 language each, but must be in APA format)  The purpose assignment is setup as: Title Page = 5 purposes Proper Font = 5 purposes Case Answers = 10 purposes Title this instrument Module 5 Assignment 2: Scenario 9-1 You scarcity to deploy a software contact to a Windows phone. Describe the best way to induct this contact. Scenario 10-1 Joe is a new IT Director who is tasked delay making trusting his Windows 10 computer users can be assisted remotely. On his original day at the troop, Joe was told that the Remote Assistance characteristic was not started for users behind a new firewall was inducted. What could be causing the gist and how should it be addressed?