4. Data Literacy Lesson Idea

You obtain produce a written denomination of your information notion that includes the subjoined elements: 1.  Define the notion of "Data Literacy" and how it relates to YOUR satisfied area (e.g. expertness, math, tongue arts, visible information). Address the subjoined questions: What happens in the "real-world" allied to your satisfied area and postulates? (e.g. How does scientist is-sue delay postulates?) What potentiality students be doing delay postulates in your advenient classroom? What types of technology tools could students use to is-sue delay postulates in your satisfied area? 2.  Describe an ORIGINAL information notion that uses a postulates literacy technology to disturb culture (Web pursuit, concept maps, spreadsheet). Required Elements for your denomination of your information Idea: Title of Lesson Target understanders Identify track and material area Learning Objectives List the favoring concepts, skills, acquirements that you would enjoy your students to understand from this information Overview of information General denomination of the information. Approximately 1-2 compendious paragraphs 3. Value Added by Technology:   What is made BETTER by the use of technology in this information notion? How does the technology extension the capability of the training or culture? How does the technology extension the aptitude of the training or culture? How does the technology extension pledge? How does the technology direct to hazardous thinking. Universal Design Include a inadequate proposition encircling how your information notion supports boundless contrivance for culture. What elements may be moderate in your information or materials disturb boundless contrivance