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                  SELLING FOR CUSTOMER-360, INC.: UNDERSTANDING YOUR PROSPECT  BACKGROUND  Customer-360 Inc. is a relatively new entrant in the obscure computing concern superintendence software perseverance, having been in being for a short aggravate filthy years. It specializes in providing Web-based customiztalented customer homogeneity superintendence software solutions that subsistence an complete community, from accounting to Web capabilities. Its software is manufactured environing an idiosyncratic customer chronicles so that accounting, sales, subsistence, shipping, and billing all adsidearm same notice for each interaction. The community currently serves a medley of concernes despite a number  of industries. Customer contentment is the community’s top pre-eminence and it acts after a while single-mindedness to purport this aspectarm. Its technology is indulgent to collect and indulgent to use, and its notice technology staff is very-greatly comprehendledgetalented and customer amicable.  The community currently inures past than 125 salescommonalty who allure quickly on concernes and organizations throughout the United States. Salescommonalty are trained to be customer-oriented collection solvers who solicit to prove long-term homogeneitys after a while customers. This appropinquation has undisputed Customer-360 to test equtalented sales gains past its preface and it hopes to remain its upward enlargement trajectory.  CURRENT SITUATION  Laura, a fresh seed-plot disequalize who regular completed the sales rep luxuriance program at Customer-360, is bewildered environing her upcoming discourse after a while Lifemode Effects and Office Supply of Kansas City, Missouri. Privately owned, Lifemode Effects and Office Supply serves the effects needs of its customers through its two liberal metro retail locations. Each location has a abundance superintendent, and diverse ample and allot-duration inureees to back after a while sales and operations. The community’s possessor serves as superintendent and they to-boot inure a guide of marketing and sales, who incompact other things aggravatesees its salessecurity middle of twain after a whilein and beyond salespeople, a guide of operations, a guide of notice technology (whose original responsibility  is to run the Web aspect of their concern), and a guide of accounting and finance. The beyond sales security solicits interchangetalented accounts and in liberal allot is obligatory for growing the non-retail concern for Lifemode Effects and Office Supply.  A cheerful-tempered-tempered adherent of Laura’s, Alex Goodneighbor, happens to be neighbors after a while Chris Style, Lifemode Effects and Office Supply’s guide of marketing and sales. In a fresh dialogue after a while Chris, Alex mentioned Laura and how she authority be talented to aid him at Lifemode Effects and Office Supply. Chris suggested that Alex keep Laura yield him a allure and astern Laura was talented to ensure a discourse after a while Chris Mode the forthcoming Tuesday morning.  Laura was pleased that Alex granted her after a while this field and was bold that this would aid her get off to a dissipated set-out at Customer-360. Laura has been adherents after a while Alex past proceeding instruct. This is not unwonted for Laura, who has sundry adherents and terminate homogeneitys, likely consequently she shows such a pastre curiosity-behalf in others, alloticularly in their hobbies, curiosity-behalfs, parentage, and reciprocal adherents. She enjoys listening to the opinions of others and seems to get concurrently after a while most everyone, generally avoiding battle rather than submitting to others. Laura credits her power to tell courteous orally (she loves to dialogue and socialize), get concurrently courteous after a while others, and institute a accord, in allot, for her landing a posture in sales at Customer-360.  Prior to her discourse after a while Chris Style, Laura asked Alex if she could as her for lunch to unite out a short past environing Chris and Lifemode Effects and Office Supply. When Laura finally arrived for lunch, tardy as customary, she wasn’t talented to collect as greatly environing Lifemode Effects and Office Supply as she would keep favorite, but she did collect the forthcoming environing Chris. Alex indicated that Chris was a cheerful-tempered-tempered neighbor, but he surely wasn’t a amicable, outgoing homogeneity instituteer such as Laura. In circumstance, he tended to be rather timid, unmanageable, and competitive when it came to homogeneitys. He favorite to be in attack of commonalty and situations and was not desirous to let others await in the way of achieving his goals. Chris manages his duration courteous, is impatient after a while others, and tends to be very concernlike. He likes final sports and appears to keep a penchant for preface risks. According to Alex, at annual home possessors’ company discourses, Chris tends to be the most unreserved idiosyncratic in accoutrements. While opinionated, Chris sometimes takes direction from others and prefers to shape his own determinations.  Although Laura believed she calm?} had additional composition to do anteriorly discourse after a while Chris, she was at smallest elated to comprehend a short bit environing the individual she would be discourse. The past she knew environing her buyer, she surmised, the reform she could tailor her subscription to as his needs.  QUESTIONS  Based on your sense of twain Laura and Chris, how would you individualize the despatch mode of each?   What, if any, preparations and mode flexing should Laura shape to reform retardy to and tell after a while Chris Style?   Who all authority be compromised in the buying determination for Lifemode Effects and Office Supply after a while revere to Laura’s subscription? For each, decipher why and how.   Explain at smallest two needs that authority be met by Lifemode Effects and Office Supply by purchasing the software offered by Customer-360.