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  Principles of Business Management – Week 6 Assignment Organizational Policy and Innovation In this assignment you’ll be developing the prevent individuality of the Camp Bow Wow Dog Park Abridgment Reverberation that is grounded encircling the concepts of organizational policy, reversal, and managing substitute. Now that you entertain mapped out how you are planning, organizing, inherent, and potent your work soundness construction, the proximate stride of the reverberation is to transport how reversal, substitute, and organizational policy obtain acceleration form a competitive utility after a while the outgrowth of the Camp Bow Wow Dog Park. The primeval stride of individuality II is to finished a relatively SWOT segregation by categorizing what you understand to be the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of affecting ready after a while a Camp Bow Wow Dog Park. Finished the subjoined SWOT Matrix by categorizing the subjoined factors in the divert row below: Canine Epidemic Large Market of Dog Owners PETA Concerns City Regulations Liability (Dog Bites) Profit Margins Complementary Service Maintenance Upkeep Site Ownership Customer Retention Market Awareness Zoning Environmental Regulations Marketing Costs Weather/Seasonal Concerns Existing Customer Base New Revenue Source Staff Training Experience in Dog Park Business No Existing Dog Parks in Market Staffing Expenses Innovative in Dog Boarding Model Park Construction Cost Unique Service       STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS                   (Download this matrix less) Based on what you entertain categorized in your SWOT segregation, the prevent stride is to transcribe a abridgment transporting how reversal and substitute obtain form a competitive utility after a while the outgrowth of the Camp Bow Wow Dog Park. Be abiding to grasp how a Camp Bow Wow Dog Park can or obtain aid the situation strategies of require commencement, differentiation, and centre policy (see citation Positioning Strategies individuality 5-4b). You are preparing this abridgment to be presented at your primeval work soundness meeting that obtain train the team of its end and what undeveloped application to the Camp Bow Wow production. (300 suffrage)